Adel Sidiqi of I am Halal


We are Mohamed Adel Sidiqi and Azra Ariff, a husband and wife team, and the proud co-founders of “I am Halal”. Together, we launched this initiative to ensure our community always has access to authentic and high-quality Halal products.

Before relocating to the UK, I, Adel, managed a Food and Beverage eCommerce business in the United Arab Emirates. However, we soon realized the challenges in sourcing genuinely Halal products here, compared to the Middle East, Asia, or Africa. It was difficult to trust what local butchers were selling and where their meat was coming from.

Our vision for “I am Halal” was given a significant boost by Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, also known as The Black Farmer. Raised in Birmingham, Wilfred grew up among Muslim friends and has been a close ally of the Muslim community in the UK. He invested in our idea, supporting our vision to open a Farm Shop dedicated solely to Halal lifestyle products, responding to the many requests he received from his friends and customers.

We take great pride in our work and are delighted that our Muslim brothers and sisters can shop for a unique range of Halal meat and food products without having to worry about their authenticity. “I am Halal” is not just a brand; it’s a celebration of Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisines and lifestyles, welcoming anyone who is interested in exploring these rich cultures through food.

For more information about us and our products, or if you have specific Halal products you would like us to stock, please feel free to contact us at